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Code: SIE0061 - white with transparent cap
Code: SIE0053 - white with white cap
Code: SIE0062 - white with fuchsia cap
Code: SIE0063 - white with violet cap
Code: SIE0064 - white with green cap
Code: SIE0054 - white with black cap


Refined, light and practical wax heater with a nice design. Easy to handle and use, both with right and left hand, specifically created for female hand.
It allows to treat any part of the body. Provided with small side window to check the wax level during the treatment. It is featured by an innovative system for heat diffusion, with thermostatically controlled resistance  positioned at the base of the wax heater: it allows the uniform heating of the wax cartridge which can be used until the last drop.

Other important features of the wax heater are:

Voltage supply:  110/230V;
Equipped with power cable;
CE marked;
High quality material and components;
It does not burn;
It can be left plugged in for a long time without deteriorating the wax;
Caps available in different colours.