DA BACIARE is a brand created in order to bring added value to our entirely Made in Italy product line. All the products are highly qualified and subject to strict controls. Thanks to the quality of components and materials, this product line ensures a highly professional depilatory treatment respecting all kind of skins.


BIO-NATUR is a product line, born from SIE-DEPIL’s desire to create a range of natural and delicate products, respecting even the youngest skins. Thanks to the perfect combination of our hydrosoluble wax with the wax heater specifically designed for BIO-NATUR, the hair removal will be easy and effective.


BRASILEIRA is a product line for the professional depilation, born from the introduction of the Brazilian wax, a particularly delicate, elastic and painless wax, ideal for hair removal of the entire body, especially from intimate areas. The line BRASILEIRA is equipped with wax heaters and pre and post depilation treatments, formulated to always ensure the best results.


Sie-Depil is proud of the research and experimentation activities that led to the creation of SANDY product line. Entirely Made in Italy, this line is formulated to transform hair removal into an actual beauty treatment, guaranteeing a high quality depilation, thanks to its innovative multidirectional elastic wax and its working method which guarantees a complete and professional service.