About us

SIE-DEPIL is an Italian leading company boasting a twenty-year experience in the sector of professional wax depilation  and a presence on the global market which extends to  more than thirty Countries in the world.

Thanks the professionalism and the passion of his owner Gianfranco Guiducci, the firm has established itself on the national territory and abroad as one of the major producers and exporters of depilatory waxes, wax heaters, pre and post depilatory products, accessories and equipments for professional depilation. All SIE-DEPIL products are entirely Made in Italy, all designed in our factory in Pesaro and subjected to rigorous quality controls.

Drawing on its own experience in the field of professional wax depilation, SIE-DEPIL keeps innovating its products so as to be always able to offer its clients the best solution to every need and to lead them towards the development goals they want to achieve. The excellent quality/price ratio, the possibility to personalize the products according to the client’s specific needs, the technical support provided and the ability to develop innovative solutions up with the exigencies of a constantly evolving market, are the factors behind  the firm’s success. 


SIE-DEPIL is an UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company for the design and production of wax heaters and guarantees a Made in Italy production. The Quality System aims to be the organizational and managerial tool through which to guarantee and constantly improve customer satisfaction, offering solutions according to his needs.

The achievement of these objectives is implemented through compliance with the mandatory and voluntary regulatory requirements that the company has signed up to. This policy will be the constant reference, in the context of periodic reviews, for evaluating the results achieved and for identifying new ones, in line with the approach aimed at continuous improvement.

Rev.01 of 21/01/2019.