The Bio-Natur product line is becoming more and more complete, thanks to the introduction of Sugar Paste in 400ml (550g) and 800ml (1100g) tins.

But what is the Sugar Paste? It is an ancient Arabic technique and it is made of natural ingredients: sugar, lemon, honey and water. Sie-Depil decided to make the most out of this oriental tradition and is thus proud to launch its Sugar Paste, a depilatory wax which is eco-friendly and delicate and which is able to eradicate the hair from the root without the use of TNT strips.
Do you want to know the advantages of Sugar Paste?
Here you are:
o       It is made with natural ingredients. So natural that you could even eat it;
o       It doesn’t burn because it has the same temperature of the body;
o       It is hydro soluble, which means that you can wash the wax residues with warm water;
o       It does not stick to the skin, which makes it less painful and it can thus be used even on extremely sensitive areas of the body without damaging it;
o       It is very delicate and it is thus ideal even with sensitive skins and capillary fragility;
o       It doesn’t break the hair, but it eradicates even the shortest ones thanks to its peculiar application and texture;
o       It is highly hygienic: sugar is a natural antiseptic and soothes the skin;
o       The honey nourishes the skin;
o       It ensures long-lasting results since it removes the hair to the root.
In conclusion, it is no wonder that millions of clients all over the world have already fallen in love with this wax!