Foto Talc depilatory wax

Code: SIE2513

Talc depilatory wax

Size: 100ml

Professional depilatory wax with velvety and absorbent action allowing a very delicate tear. The presence of titanium dioxide makes it suitable even for very sensitive skins, while the presence of talc reduces the wet sensation and create a better adherence to the skin. This wax ensures a gentle and effective waxing, leaving the skin smooth for at least 3 weeks.   

Insert the roll-on wax into the wax heater and wait until the wax is completely melted (about 30minutes). Closely follow the directions of the wax heater. Make sure your skin is completely clean and dry. Apply a thin and homogeneous layer of wax in the direction of hair growth. Immediately apply a strip over the wax layer making sure it adheres well. Remove the strip with a very rapid motion against the direction of hair growth, while keeping the skin taut with the other hand. Always pull as close to the skin as possible. The same strip can be used several times. After waxing use a post wax oil to remove any wax residue.